Bicycle Accident Injuries in Florida


Bicycle Accident Injuries in Florida

Millions of Americans ride bikes every single day. It’s great exercise, it’s fun, and given the price of gas, it’s a great way to move around. Thanks to the gorgeous weather here, bicycle is the perfect way to head to work or spend a weekend afternoon. There’s a darker side to biking, though. With the increase in cyclists, though, comes a huge risk for accidents that can leave cyclists with long term injuries.

Accident Statistics

According to the Florida Crash Statistic Reports from 2011, more than 500 cyclists are killed in accidents with motor vehicles every year, and Florida leads the statistics in the number of fatal bike wrecks. While the numbers are actually decreasing, the cost of cyclist injuries is on the rise. If you’re injured in a cycling accident, you can expect to spend thousands on treatment. Getting on a bike can be quite safe, but once an accident occurs, you can expect fatal or near fatal results.

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, you already know about the devastation that can result. You have a right to take action against the person who was responsible and get compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and your pain and suffering.

Biggest Reason? Drivers Not Paying Attention


Although there may be many reasons for a bike accident, most frequently it is because of drivers not paying attention. What’s more, though, is that they don’t always respect a cyclist’s space. Motorists tend to be busy paying attention to cars and trucks on the road. They aren’t usually able or willing to look out for cyclists too. As a bicyclist, you have the same right to use the roadway as the driver of a car or truck. If a motorist fails to respect your rights, that is a recipe for disaster.


Some cyclists are injured when a driver swings open a car door without looking to see if a cyclist is passing by. The cyclist then flips over the car door or even collides with it, creating a serious injury. In cases like these, the car owner is just as negligent as he would have been if he had hit you at an intersection. Your accident could have been caused by a negligent driver or the city’s poor road maintenance, but when someone else is responsible, getting legal assistance is a must.


Even a low impact accident could mean real problems for you. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that bike injuries cost $4 million annually as of 2012, and with damage like multiple broken bones, serious head injuries, and even spinal cord problems, you’re facing very real financial, physical, and emotional consequences. For several years, we’ve been serving cyclists just like you.

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