Boating Accident Attorneys in Florida


Florida has many beautiful rivers, bays, lakes, and beaches, making boating and fishing one of the most popular pastimes in the state.

With nearly a million registered vessels in the state, the chances are good that you’ll be on a boat in the near future. As you head out on the water, you never expect tragedy to occur. The sun and the water are enough to spell an amazing day. Unfortunately, not every experience on a boat is a positive one.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, in 2011 alone, there were 742 boating accidents, causing 67 fatalities. Even your next trip to the water could end in catastrophe.

Contributing Factors

People head out on the water for a variety of reasons, but most are there to relax. That can mean they’re far less attentive on the water than they should be. What’s more, though, is that boating lends itself to inexperienced operators at high speeds, so the failure to watch for other people and boats is high. Alcohol often plays a role, too. All of these factors contribute to boating accidents on a daily basis throughout the state.

Capsizing Injuries

Every case is different, but often boating accidents lead to severe injuries or the loss of innocent lives. That can cause immeasurable emotional and financial damage, no matter who was at fault. Even though there are lots of different ways you can stay safe while you’re on the water, like avoiding the practice of drinking and boating, keeping flotation devices handy, and completing a boating safety course, the other boaters out on the water may not take those same precautions, putting you at risk.


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