Broward Slip and Fall Lawyers

Broward Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip and fall accidents are unfortunately very common. Anyone can be subject to them, and it takes only a small mistake on a property owner’s part to cause a catastrophic accident. Law BNI has always advocated for the injured and only the injured. Should you fall victim to a slip and fall event and it is evidenced that another party is at fault, trust us to litigate for you. Our Broward slip and fall lawyers can guide you through your case with our over 30 years of experience.


What is a slip and fall? 

A slip and fall accident falls under the umbrella of personal injury cases. More specifically, they are usually classified as premise liability cases. You must have incurred your accident on someone else’s property and be able to prove that their negligence was either directly or indirectly responsible for your injury. A slip and fall plaintiff must also show beyond doubt that they were not responsible for their own injury due to carelessness, intoxication, etc. 


Can my landlord or HOA be held responsible for my injury?

Broward, like many other busy counties, is rife with apartment complexes, gated communities, and HOA neighborhoods. Residents often pay fees allocated to keeping infrastructures, like roads and amenity spaces, safe. Due to South Florida’s harsh weather, the upkeep can be rather extensive. One problem we see crop up time and time again is that of cracked sidewalks and pavement. This is just one example of a hazard that if neglected can cause serious harm. 


There is both a legal and moral obligation for landlords and managing entities to keep their properties maintained and safe to reasonable standards. If you believe your living conditions deteriorated past these standards and led to your harm, you may be within your rights to seek financial compensation.


Why do I need Broward slip and fall lawyers? 


Slip and Fall injuries can be notoriously difficult to win. This is because you must prove definitively that your injury was due to the lack of care on the part of your defendant. In our above cracked pavement example, fault might be easier to prove, as it is quite noticeable and usually takes a long time for asphalt to degrade. There would be ample time for the property owner to realize the mistake. 


However, if a storm were to happen, blowing leaves off of a tree, which you slipped on shortly after, it would be harder to prove fault. It would be difficult to gather evidence that your management knew about the felled leaves and had time to remedy the issue. Without concrete proof that the leaves were there for an unreasonable amount of time and posed a significant hazard, this would most likely just be seen as a simple accident. Many times, even slip and fall cases where the plaintiff should receive compensation are ruled in favor of the defendant simply because the evidence is insufficient. 


That is why it is extremely important to have a legal team in your corner that has a deep understanding of personal injury law. Law BNI defends injured residents of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami- Dade Counties and has an understanding of important state and local laws. We will make sure that your case is as complete as possible, giving you the best chance to receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to receive a free case evaluation!

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Broward Slip and Fall Lawyers


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