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Child Injuries Due To Negligence

You invest all of your time in building an amazing future for your children. They enhance your life in a way no one else can. Unfortunately, injuries are the leading cause of death for children, and thousands are injured due to accidents and negligent behavior every month.

A Dangerous World

The number of causes of injuries to kids is shocking. The CDC reported that in 2012 that more than 12,000 children were killed as a result of accidental injury. That’s a rate of 33 per day.

The same statistics suggest nearly 500 kids are injured in car accidents every day. Each year brings more than 200,000 playground injuries. Drowning is the second leading cause of death among kids under the age of fourteen. Kids are also at risk for traumatic brain injury – nearly 400,000 are reported each year.

Whether the injury occurs during a fall, when they’re struck by an object, when they’re cut due to defective products, or in transportation-related cases, the serious injury or death of a child is an absolute tragedy for a family. Careless negligence causes many of these injuries, but the result is always the same – extraordinary costs.


The Unseen Consequences

Physical injuries are enough to make any parent or caregiver worry, but most childhood injuries have a psychological component too. When trauma occurs, life altering changes happen both to the child and the family. Medical bills can pile up quickly, and there are other financial matters to consider as well. Accommodations may have to be made for the child’s care as well as his or her education.

No amount of compensation can go back and change what happened. It may, however, help you cope with the future that remains unwritten. The long-term prognosis for your child may not even be known yet. A child’s natural development can change the outcome for any injury, and you have to seek the right help at the outset. If someone else was liable for your child’s injury, you deserve aggressive representation to make certain your child gets what he deserves and ensure no other child is injured due to the same negligence in the future.

Carelessness over safety is no defense. The negative impacts are too enormous to claim negligence in the injury of a child. Successful representation is an absolute must.

Successful Representation

Our team is dedicated to helping you fight for your child’s rights. We’ve handled numerous cases involving injuries to kids, and we’ve recovered millions in both verdicts and settlements. When children are injured or killed, there are always mitigating circumstances that make the case unique.

We’ll help you navigate the difficult waters ahead and get the compassion and help you deserve. As soon as you contact us, we’ll thoroughly and investigate and review your case. Don’t deal with the serious injury of child alone. Contact us today to learn more.

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