Litigation for Negligence

Litigation for Negligence

Litigation for Negligence

It is very rare for someone to have more than one surgery, but if something goes wrong during an invasive procedure, you may have a right to Litigation for Negligence. You or someone you love could receive compensation due to an injury, as long as you have the assistance of an attorney on your side. When it comes to having a successful surgery, even though it is quite common to experience some discomfort and pain after undergoing anesthesia, you may not have anything to worry about. Soreness, swelling around the site of the surgery, sore throats, and even constipation, for example, are all fairly common. When it comes to accidents that justify seeking Litigation for Negligence, the consequences are far more serious.


Incision site infections and hemorrhage, as well as shock, are some of the more severe problems that might occur following surgery. Even though these problems still sound very serious and frightening, they may still not imply a fault if the surgeon was not negligent, as that would be the case if he or she had made an error.

That being said, an unnecessary medically conducted procedure is one of the most frequently recognized surgical errors. After a procedure that you truly did not need, suffering from the shock and pain after surgery is absolutely considered negligent.


A surgeon operating on the wrong part of the body can lead to medical negligence as well. In this situation, the medical professional may have not paid enough attention to the patient and their problem, resulting in an error. It is even possible for them to decide to skip crucial steps in order to save time and effort. Even if they do not mean to make an error, attempting to skip crucial steps in such an area of work is very dangerous, unprofessional, and sloppy.

An individual surgeon might still make a mistake performing surgery on the right area, even after attempting to correct this issue. For example, the surgeon may act recklessly and harm the patient by damaging their internal organs, intentionally administering incorrect anesthesia, leaving surgical instruments inside the body, and tearing their nerves or muscle fibers.


You or your loved ones may not know how to proceed after a surgical injury, but the lawyers at Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman have the knowledge and skills to assist you in Litigation for Negligence. No matter what injury you have suffered, they will assist you in what steps to take in order to achieve the best outcome. Call 561-417-5656 to discuss Litigation for Negligence on the phone.


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