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Areas of Practice in Personal Injury Law

Serious accidents are absolutely devastating. From emotional stress to real financial damages, they can create critical issues for your family. Perhaps the worst part is that insurance companies don’t see you as human beings. You’re just another line item in a budget.

We don’t represent line items in a budget. We’re here to help real people with real problems. We have the resources necessary to address your individual needs, and we’re ready to fight for your rights with any insurance companies involved in a concerted effort to get you all the compensation you deserve.

What is Personal Injury Law?

We focus our work on representing clients who have suffered serious injuries from a great diversity of accident types. Any case that involves personal or emotional injury as well as property damage fits under this header. (You may see it called tort law as well.)

Our goal in any personal injury case is to prove that the other party was responsible for your injury or loss.

Within personal injury law, there are three main categories: negligence, intentional torts, and strict liability torts. We can help you understand each of those, but negligence is easily the most common type of case we see. Unfortunately, it’s also the most difficult to prove. It means that someone else had a duty to keep you out of harm’s way, and they failed. Common negligence claims include slip-and-fall injuries and motor vehicle accidents.

While the way negligence cases are decided varies from state to state, Florida has a judge or jury decide who is at fault, and the damages are awarded based on the percentage of fault. The insurance company will work very hard to prove you were at fault for your accident. We may even have to work harder to prove you weren’t the one responsible.

What Does A Personal Injury Mean For Your Family?

A personal injury means current and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages that are hard to imagine right now. Bottom line: It means you deserve to be compensated for someone’s careless or reckless behavior.

Moving Forward With Your Case. What’s the Next Step?

You want your voice to be heard loud and clear and persuasively, and we’re here to make certain it is. Take a moment to browse our practice areas, and contact us to learn more about our proven-effective approach to personal injury law.

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