Product liability Law

Product liability Law by BNI Law

Product liability Law by BNI Law

Product liability Law will protect you in the event you are injured while using a product within its intended parameters. If hurt, you could have a product liability case. You could be owed compensation for these injuries and BNI law wants to help. There are many kinds of situations where this could be the case, and it can be confusing sometimes to know what your rights are in these circumstances. There also can be an equal number of reasons that would cause a product to become defective, especially in such a way that could result in injury or harm. However, these can be boiled down into three main circumstances.

  1. Products can become defective due to a mistake in the manufacturing process that causes the product to be produced in a way that does not fit its correct initial design
  2. A product’s design can be flawed to start with, resulting in all products from this production not meeting minimum safety standards
  3. A product that is built correctly, but fails to provide proper warning and documentation for its intended uses, and ways the product could be dangerous. Such as labels and manuals.

It’s possible for any type of product to be defective and cause harm, from the largest products like boats and planes to small things like a toy- but the situations we statistically encounter the most are pharmaceuticals and machinery.

At any point in the supply chain, the defectiveness could have been caused. Sometimes a product is defective at production, other times it becomes defective due to improper handling and packaging. IT is important to know where and when this issue arose as liability van trickle through the entire supply chain.

Additionally, nobody but the user is liable for the injury if the person injured uses the product outside of its clearly indicated and intended purpose, or ignores warnings. Modifying a product that results in injury also removes liability from the manufacturers and retailers.  Additionally, strict liability describes situations where a person can be liable for damages caused to another person whether or not they meant to cause harm. In the case of the usage of explosives, for example, the operator can be held liable for damages if someone was injured by their use. Explosives are inherently dangerous, so the manufacturer isn’t liable for damages from a product that was made for that purpose.

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