Ten Trick or Treat Safety Tips

With Halloween just around the corner, children all over the country are excitedly awaiting a fun-filled night of getting dressed up as their favorite characters and gathering bags and buckets full of treats. For adults, Halloween is a chance to tap back into that childhood glee and join in on the fun. Dressing up and taking your child, nieces and nephews, or younger siblings trick or treating can be a nostalgic walk down memory lane. However, the influx of children frolicking around neighborhoods and across streets can increase the risk of injury. To help prevent this fun night taking a tragic, traumatic turn, Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman has compiled this list of ten trick or treat safety tips. 


Designate a Route 


Plan your trick or treating route ahead of time can help to prevent injuries, accidental separation, and other Halloween mishaps. With a clear path in mind, you can keep children focused on moving forward to the next destination rather than darting back and forth across the street or running off to follow other trick or treaters.  


Keep Little Ones Close at Hand 


Halloween can be really exciting for younger kids, so the temptation to run off to look at cool decorations or get to the next house is high. Holding on to their hand can help to counteract their lack of impulse control. It also allows you to keep track of their location in large crowds. It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s one way to avoid needing child injury lawyers in Boca Raton. 


Pay Attention to Steps and Driveways 


Halloween is the perfect time to make your home look decrepit and abandoned—but being mindful of real hazards is important to keeping your child safe. Excited young ones are less likely to notice uneven walkways or fragile steps. These tripping hazards can easily lead to an unexpected visit to the emergency room.  


Use Visibility Devices 


Pedestrian-involved car accidents are not uncommon around Halloween. Dark costumes make it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians at night, especially smaller children. Masks can obstruct one’s line of sight, leading to avoidable accidents. Visibility devices like reflective strips, flashlights, and glowsticks can help to ensure you and your crew are safe when crossing streets at night. 


Be Mindful of the Time 


Despite warnings against drunk driving and nationwide checkpoints, some people take the risk anyway. The risk of encountering a drunk driver is increased around holidays, especially as the night goes on. Be mindful of this and ensure your little trick or treater is back home before it gets too late. 


Be Mindful of Cars 


Drunk drivers aren’t the only reason to be mindful of passing vehicles. Instilling good road safety practices now is a good idea, regardless of the date. Practicing looking both ways before crossing the street during the excitement of trick or treating will help ensure your child is always careful around cars. 


Pay Attention to ‘Beware of Dogs’ Signs 


Holiday festivities are exciting for some, but anxiety-inducing for others. For pets, the strange sights and sounds associated with Halloween can be stressful. ‘Beware of Dog’ shouldn’t be ignored around Halloween, as it may be indicative of a pet that may be anxious or fearful of costumed people. While these dogs may not want to attack, they may attack as a fear response. Use your own discretion regarding whether or not to approach houses with ‘Beware of Dog’ signage. 


Avoid Costumes with Weapons and/or Small Parts 


Costumes should be fun, but they can also pose dangers. Fake weapons like prop swords, guns, scythes, hammers, and other items may not be as dangerous as their real counterparts, but they can still cause injuries. Horseplay with prop weapons can chip or loosen teeth, eye injuries, and cause lacerations. Additionally, avoiding fake weaponry can prevent tragic misunderstandings. Avoid costumes with small parts for small children as well. These choking hazards can quickly turn a fun evening into a stressful night spent at the emergency room. 


Inspect Candy for Choking Hazards 


Speaking of choking hazards: always inspect your child’s candy. Some people may opt for toys or healthy snacks like nuts instead of candy, which can pose a danger for young ones. If you allow your child to eat these treats, be sure to keep an eye on them. The excitement may cause them to eat to quickly and choke.  


Consider an Organized Event 


Organized Halloween events for the children are available all across South Florida. Find one near you that you feel comfortable with your child attending—but be sure to keep an eye on them! Organized events have safety measures in place to help ensure your child has a great Halloween without you needing child injury lawyers in Boca Raton. Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman wishes everyone a safe holiday season!


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