Anyone can afford to hire us because we work on what is called a contingency fee. What the contingency fee does is it lets you hire us without having to pay one single penny out of your pocket. Our philosophy is that this is a great thing for our clients, many of whom could not afford a lawyer or the costs that are required to pursue their case. It is the great equalizer that allows our clients to get justice at no up-front cost to them.

If we agree to take your case, then we advance all of the costs, which in some cases can be into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We don’t get paid unless and until the case is resolved. If there is no recovery, then you don’t owe us anything.

It costs nothing to hire us and get us started. So why wait? If you, or someone you care about has been injured or harmed because of someone else’s carelessness, please do call or contact us. We look forward to talking to you about your case, and getting started right away.