We have a lot of bicyclists here in Florida and they have every right to be on the road with other vehicles.

Unfortunately, a lot of drivers just don’t see them, or just don’t pay attention.

We’ve represented bicyclists that have been hit by cars, hit by trucks, that have come across pot holes in bike lanes, vehicles parked in bike lanes, people pulling out in front of them in bike lanes under all kinds of circumstances.

We’ve represented bicyclists who have suffered severe injuries such as broken bones, torn ligaments, scarring…almost every injury you can think of.

Most people don’t know what to do after a bicycle accident…what insurance applies…or what their rights are. That’s why you should call us without delay after a bicycle crash.

If you or someone you know gets hurt on a bicycle, please call us so that we can help.

Our fee is on a contingency basis. That means it doesn’t cost one penny to hire us because there are no fees or costs unless or until we resolve your case.