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Catastrophic Injury? Call BNI

Catastrophic Injury? Seek Legal Help

Have you suffered a catastrophic injury due to negligence? Unfortunately, one might need to file a personal injury claim for a variety of different reasons such as getting involved in a truck, motorcycle, boat, bicycle, or pedestrian accident, suffering from an injury caused by medical malpractice, or getting hurt from a slip and fall incident.

Serious accidents can be devastating to not only you but your loved ones as well. You can suffer not only physical injuries but undergo a lot of emotional stress and even financial hardships. You can be affected in more ways than just the catastrophic injury, which is why having an experienced attorney by your side can be an amazing support system.

An attorney can help you better understand the three main categories of personal injury law and how they apply to your particular case. The three main categories are negligence, intentional torts, and strict liability torts, and negligence is easily the most common type of case one will encounter. They also tend to be the most difficult to prove, which is why while you are already trying to fight to maintain your health and wellness, having a good law firm by your side will make winning your case that much easier. In such a case of negligence, a good Attorney will aim to prove that someone else had a duty to keep you out of harm’s way and failed to do so. This is where a lot of vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall cases fall under.

Negligence cases vary from state to state, but Florida has a judge or jury decide who is at fault, and the damages are awarded based on the percentage of fault, which means the insurance company will work very hard to prove you were at fault for your own accident. Rather than just trying to prove the other party was responsible, a law firm may even have to work harder to prove you weren’t the one responsible. A personal injury means more than your trauma and recovery. This could result in lost wages, prolonged suffering, and more. You deserve to be compensated for someone’s careless or reckless behavior.

If you are looking for a law firm that is determined to assist you or your loved ones, here at Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman we have a team of lawyers dedicated to your catastrophic injury case. We’re here to help you deal with your catastrophic injuries and have the resources necessary to address your individual needs. We’re ready to fight for your rights with any insurance companies involved in a concerted effort to get you all the compensation you deserve.

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