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Compensation for Surgical Injury

Compensation for Surgical Injury

Many people will end up having at least one surgery, whether intrusive or not, and if something goes wrong, Compensation for Surgical Injury is possible to get with a good Attorney on your side. Before you start to panic, successful surgeries happen all the time, and it’s actually quite common to experience some pain and discomfort after going through with one. For example, after being administered anesthesia, you can experience some nausea and vomiting after waking up. Sore throats, soreness, swelling around the site of incision, and constipation are also all very normal. When it comes to injuries that warrant seeking Compensation for Surgical Injury, those are much more severe.


Some complications that one might expect from surgery include going through shock, experiencing hemorrhage, infections from the incision site, pulmonary embolisms, and more. While these complications still sound very scary and serious, it may still not mean that the surgeon was negligent, which would be when you would consider the surgery to be erroneous.


One of the most common surgical errors, in fact, is an unnecessary surgery that you were given. So whether you did or did not sustain a life-altering injury or illness, suffering from the shock and pain after a surgery that you find out you didn’t need to have is absolutely negligent.


Medical negligence happens a lot when a surgeon is operating on the wrong area of the body. Given that a medical professional should have a whole report to refer to regarding the patient and their problem, making an error like this may imply they did not pay attention or did not refer to the information with enough time and preparation. Even if not meaning to make a mistake, trying to skip important steps in such an area of work can absolutely be considered negligent and very dangerous.


And if they do happen to operate on the correct area, errors may still occur while doing the surgery. For example, the surgeon may act recklessly and harm the patient by damaging their internal organs, incorrectly administering anesthesia, leaving surgical instruments inside the body, and tearing their nerves or muscle fibers.


The lawyers at Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman have the knowledge and expertise to represent you in your Compensation for Surgical Injury case. No matter the injury or the situation, they can advise you on what steps to take so you can get the best outcome possible. You or your loved ones do not deserve to go through traumatic experiences and sustain injuries, whether performed by a medical professional or not. Call 561-417-5656 with any questions regarding Compensation for Surgical Injury for a free consultation.

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