Delray Beach Personal Injury

Delray Beach Personal Injury

Delray Beach Personal Injury

Delray Beach Personal Injury cases don’t only include slip and falls, they can also include cases involving car accidents, medical malpractice, and even lead poisoning. Indeed, each year there is an estimated 1 million people die from lead poisoning according to the WHO. It can happen to just about anyone and have catastrophic consequences, so if you or your loved one has experienced lead poisoning, you want to contact a Delray Beach Personal Injury lawyer as soon as possible.


Some of the leading causes of lead poisoning include lead-based paint. While it was banned in 1978, there are still homes built around that time that have a chance of having lead-based paint on the walls. Paint can chip, peel, and flake, allowing small dust particles to collect in the air. Even if one doesn’t notice actual paint peeling or chipping from the walls, high friction areas such as door frames, windows, and drawers can cause lead-contaminated dust.


Even soil can be contaminated with lead. Soil can cling to fingers, toys, and other objects that people, especially children, could interact with. Some toys and jewelry could contain lead. Most of these may have been recalled due to this, but antique items are still lingering in peoples’ attics, collections, and thrift stores.


Some ceramic ware and pottery may also be glazed with lead to give them a brilliant color. You can find this glaze in some ceramic dishes as well as pewter or brass dishware. Acidic foods such as oranges, tomatoes, and vinegar can cause the lead to be drawn out of the glaze which can contaminate the food or drink you are consuming.

Some cosmetics and home remedies can contain up to 100 percent lead, including fine orange powders Azarcon and Greta which is often used to treat upset stomachs, Paylooah for rash and fever cures, and more.

It is recommended to take necessary precautions if you suspect you are interacting at all with products that are contaminated with lead. You may need to dispose of them entirely or otherwise be wary of them becoming damaged which will result in lead dust.

If you or a loved one has been affected by lead poisoning for any of the reasons above, you should contact a professional Delray Beach Personal Injury Attorney that will fight for your right to compensation. The lawyers at Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman are committed to representing you and your Delray Beach Personal Injury and will not give up until you receive the justice you deserve. Call 561-417-5656 for a free consultation today.

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