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Financial Compensation for Injuries

Financial Compensation for Injuries

Financial Compensation for Injuries

There are many kinds of accidents that result in an injury, and while you can seek Financial Compensation for Injuries sustained during any kind of accident, some are much more serious than others and require a bit more expertise. A Personal Injury Attorney would be more than happy to take on any case, no matter how small, but if someone suffers a catastrophic injury such as spinal cord injuries, a case may be more time-sensitive and would require immediate action if the affected wishes to receive Financial Compensation for Injuries.

Spinal cord injuries can be categorized into two types, complete and incomplete. It is important to note that both types of injuries have different characteristics. A complete injury indicates that there is no voluntary movement or feeling below the injury level, and it affects both sides of the body equally. On the other hand, an incomplete injury implies that there is some level of functioning below the primary injury level.

Someone who has an incomplete injury may have asymmetrical movement capabilities in their limbs, sensation in certain areas of the body that cannot be moved, or greater functionality on one side of the body compared to the other. The prevalence of incomplete injuries is increasing due to advancements in the acute treatment of spinal cord injuries, also known as SCI.

The extent of the damage is a useful indicator in anticipating which areas of the body may be impacted by paralysis and impairment. For example, for injuries affecting the C-1 to C-4 vertebrae will usually result in quadriplegia. Injuries made above the C-4 level could require a person to use a ventilator to breathe. C-5 injuries result in bicep or shoulder control most often, but the wrist or hand might have no control at all. No hand function is the case with C-6 injuries as well. C-7 and T-1 injuries could result in hand and finger dexterity issues, while T-1 to T-8 injuries may result in paraplegia. T-9 to T-12 are known as lower T-injuries, which are also referred to as injuries to the thoracic vertebrae lower down the spinal column, enabling effective control of the truck and abdominal muscles. However, injuries to the lumbar and sacral regions can result in reduced control over the hip flexors and legs.

No matter what form of Spinal Cord Injury is suffered, you are entitled to seek Financial Compensation for Injuries. After seeking medical attention for your injuries, you should call the lawyers at Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman so they can assist in the steps required to file for Financial Compensation for Injuries. Call 561-417-5656 for a free consultation.

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