Injured? Call BNI Law

Injured? Call BNI Law

If you or someone you know has been injured at no self fault, after seeking medical attention reach out to Brotman Nusbaum and Ibrahim. Our law offices are ready and willing to help you seek, and obtain compensation through litigation. Law is a complicated sea to navigate, and this is why lawyers and attorneys with special education, training, and years of experience in the field of personal injury lawyers are needed to help those who are not professionals in the field. In order to obtain the compensation one might be seeking from having been injured, it is the claimant’s responsibility to prove in court that the accused party is at fault and therefore financially responsible for the injury and its consequences.

The Law Offices of Brotman Nusbaum and Ibrahim employ a team of attorneys who have an unparalleled success rate in handling cases for those who’ve been injured. We are committed to ensuring justice is served and that our clients know their rights. Armed with that knowledge, and our assistance, we want to help you pursue financial litigations for personal injury. We understand that it can be very vague and unclear what constitutes an injury caused by another party, where the said party is obviously at fault. The fact is either some form of negligence resulting in the injury, or deliberate intent to harm must have been inflicted and must be proven.

One example of a common situation that results in one being injured, and then filing a lawsuit is a slip-and-fall.  More often than not this will occur when a person becomes injured due to slipping and falling as a result of hazardous conditions like wet floors, poor construction, or visible obstructions. Property owners and managers are responsible for ensuring safe traversal through publicly accessible areas. If an area becomes unsafe due to cleaning, constriction, repairs, renovations, or even an unexpected issue that causes damages these areas need to be clearly indicated by the property managers.

As mentioned earlier, negligence and lack of attention to potentially dangerous circumstances is just one type of case in which one party is responsible for the other’s injury. It’s an unfortunate fact that every so often one party intends to purposely inflict harm upon another. When this occurs, we call this deliberate attempt to hurt another person an ‘intentional tort’.  The most common intentional tort cases, in fact, are assault, battery, false imprisonment, infliction of distress, fraud, trespass, conversion, and defamation. As a result, personal injury litigation can determine if the harm this person has,  was caused purposely by one who is now liable.

It is essential that, no matter what case you have encountered, you take the proper measures and preserve whatever evidence you can to file a lawsuit prior to the deadline imposed the statute of limitations. This should not be delayed, and neither should calling a personal injury lawyer. We understand this might a difficult time for you, and we want to give you the necessary time and attention to help get you the help you deserve. For a free consultation at no charge at all to you, call us at 561-417-5656.

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