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Injured Intentionally? Call Law BNI.

Injured Intentionally? Call Law BNI.

If you were Injured Intentionally by another party you have the right to seek compensation via the legal system. Many people think that when they are harmed by another person intentionally that their only recourse is the primary justice system. The injured party will often press charges, and the tried party if convicted faces the penal system by spending time incarcerated and/or on parole. However, if you were Injured Intentionally by someone with obvious and direct intent to inflict harm, this is also a civil matter called an ‘intentional tort’.

The qualified legal team at Brotman Nusbaum and Ibrahim are committed to justice and will take the necessary measures to defend you in any manner of cases. To describe a tort more specifically, a tort is when a wrongful act or infringement of a right leads to civil legal liability. Some examples of dangerous situations that have and could result in injury but are not Torts are when a driver hurts another driver during a car accident because they weren’t paying attention, or if you slip on a slippery floor and get hurt as a result. The aforementioned examples are accidents and are not intentional, but when there is a clear deliberate intent to cause harm, such as assault, fraud, defamation, this is called a Tort.

Situations that are caused by neglecting to properly inspect, manage, and provide protection for chemicals used on-site which result in toxic exposure are another example of a tort called a toxic tort.  The following are some more common examples of toxic tort cases that have occurred:

  • Exposure to lead paint which in some cases has resulted in brain damage
  • Exposure to asbestos which can cause lung cancer
  • Pesticides
  • Toxic and poisonous molds
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • …and more.

The Environmental Protection Agency screens these chemicals and require reporting of such that can pose an environmental risk. Though it may not be as intentional as a direct assault, however neglecting to ensure chemical safety is a knowingly dangerous act and therefore a tort.  It’s actually quite common for people to have been exposed to such a toxic substance due to many reasons, and in many of such cases, there could have been negligence involved, liability, misrepresentation, amongst other things that warrant an investigation, and thus, a legal case.

It may not be clear that you can, or how to begin the process of filing a claim when Injured Intentionally by another party. Much of this has to do with the fact that many are not aware of what needs to be done or discovered in order to prove you were injured due to intent or negligence. Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman will work hard to do what they can to gather all of this information, but you should also be aware of the following in order to know you have a case, to begin with: That the other party had the duty or obligation to act responsibly and what the scope of that duty is, that there was a breach of that duty of care, that there is negligent causation, and that there was harm as a result of all of this.

If you or a loved one suffered harm due to any of the examples listed above, you may be entitled to compensation or at the very least may need some legal advice. We offer free consultations, so don’t delay! Call us at 561-417-5656 as soon as you are aware you need assistance. The sooner you call, the sooner we can determine how we can help you.

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