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Lawyer for Personal Injury

Lawyer for Personal Injury

When getting ready to pursue litigation, a Lawyer for Personal Injury will be needed to navigate the complex sea of laws and precedents in order to effectively set up your case. it is the responsibility of the injured party to prove to in court, beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt, that they were injured due to the defendant’s negligence, or deliberate action. Without the aid of an attorney, this would be a daunting or even impossible task.

Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman is here if you are in need of a personal injury litigation lawyer. At the law office of BNI, we are committed to ensuring justice is served and that our clients know their rights, and have those rights affirmed in court. Many different kinds of situations can occur, resulting in the harm caused that justifies the need for personal injury litigation. You can file a lawsuit as a claimant against someone who was responsible for harm caused to you whether through negligence, reckless conduct, or intentional misconduct.

Slip-and-falls, are one of the most common causes of negligence in the personal injury law world.  This happens often, as it is when one becomes injured due to slipping and falling as a result of hazardous conditions like wet floors, poor construction, or visible obstructions. It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure the environments they allow public traffic through are safe to traverse, or, are blocked off and marked accordingly to indicate lack of saftey.. These incidents could happen to anyone, whether due to structural defects, wear and tear, uneven steps, potholes, cracked sidewalks, broken tiles, or torn carpeting.

Sometimes an injury can occur not due to negligence, but because of a deliberate attempt to inflict harm. This is referred to as malicious, purposeful, and knowingly, and when this happens,  the term for this is that “a tort is committed”. The most common intentional tort cases, in fact, are assault, battery, false imprisonment, infliction of distress, fraud, trespass, conversion, and defamation. As a result, personal injury litigation can determine if the harm this person has,  was caused purposely by one who is now liable.

It is essential that, no matter what case you have encountered, you take the proper measures and preserve whatever evidence you can to file a lawsuit prior to the deadline imposed the statute of limitations. This should not be delayed, and neither should calling a personal injury lawyer. We understand this might a difficult time for you, and we want to give you the necessary time and attention to help get you the help you deserve. For a free consultation at no charge at all to you, call us at 561-417-5656.

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