Litigation for Personal Injury Cases

Litigation for Personal Injury Cases

Litigation for Personal Injury Cases

The Law Office of Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim and Adonetta can provide you with Litigation for Personal Injury Cases, helping you acquire compensation.

Well, the definition, to put it simply, is the act, process, or practice of settling a dispute in a court of law. So if you are involved in a lawsuit or accused of some kind of crime, then you are involved in some form of litigation. That being said, there are different types of cases, ranging from criminal to civil cases and so on.

Criminal cases generally involve the actual government since they are prosecuting someone who has violated state or federal laws. A prosecutor will present the case to the court. If it’s a federal crime, this prosecutor will most likely be a United States Attorney. On the other hand, civil litigation is more specifically when a person has a dispute with another person or entity. They might be suing for damages and file a complaint seeking monetary compensation. A judge will listen to the case and apply the appropriate law to the facts presented in court by the parties.

If you are dealing with a civil claim, it may be a good idea to hire an attorney to help you through the headache. These claims vary from case to case, but an experienced law firm has probably seen a lot of it before. These cases can include the following:

  • Personal Injury Tort Claims

  • Contract Disputes

  • Equitable Claims

  • Class Action Suits

  • Divorce and Family Law Disputes

  • Property Disputes

Examples of what could cause these claims may be based on negligence, intentional wrongdoing, or strict liability such as with auto and motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, fraud, and personal injury. If a plaintiff asks for compensation for the non-fulfillment of a contract signed, it could be due to violation of business agreements. Some cases involve plaintiffs seeking temporary restraining or reprieve orders against the defendant. When it comes to class action suits, they may end in huge compensation payouts because a group of consumers may sue a company for a faulty product or equipment that caused injury to them. And property cases involve disagreements about property ownership and boundaries.

Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman is a litigation Attorney dealing with personal injury, workers’ comp, malpractice, and more. They are lawyers committed to fighting for your rights. It’s never easy to file a personal injury lawsuit, especially if your injuries are making things difficult on their own. They will be the Attorney you need to take care of your claim and hold the responsible party accountable. Call 561-417-5656 today for a free consultation.

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