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Malpractice Lawsuit

Malpractice Lawsuit

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance with a malpractice lawsuit, you don’t have to feel like you need to do it on your own. Facing injuries due to negligence is stressful, and often painful or even fatal, and whoever caused pain to you or your family should be responsible for compensation.


While no one imagines they could be involved in a malpractice lawsuit, it could happen to anyone, and sometimes determining whether the negligence is the cause of the injury suffered by a patient or not can be tricky. In these cases, expert witnesses are required to determine causation in medical malpractice cases and it’s why a good attorney can help assess how to approach your particular case and help determine how to connect between fault and injury.


Expert witnesses are usually required in medical malpractice cases to establish the standard of medical care in the surrounding area or in a particular medical specialty. In addition, expert testimony is required to establish that the malpractice caused the patient’s injuries unless the cause is obvious to most people, such as when a wrong arm is amputated or an error similar to that.


In many cases, the cause of injury is less clear and can be spread among many health care providers. For example, a patient may be treated by a number of doctors, nurses, and medical technicians in the course of a hospital stay. Determining which of these practitioners may have been negligent, and how that negligence may have caused a patient’s injury, can be extremely complex. The first doctor may have incorrectly diagnosed a patient, but a subsequent doctor may have been negligent in failing to correct the diagnosis and so on. A subsequent series of mishaps in the operating room, each by a different technician, may require naming each technician as a defendant because each mishap contributed to the injury. Additional injury may have been caused by the use of a defective medical device or drug, or the negligence of an operating room doctor. In such malpractice lawsuit cases, it’s important to determine the cause of injury in light of the unfortunate cirmcumstances.

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