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Our client was an active 69 year old female that went to a Central Florida hospital complaining of severe neck pain. She was admitted and was undergoing extensive evaluations to determine the source of her problems. Two days later hospital employees were charting that she was having neurological deficits, but failed to report these critical findings to the doctors. When the deficits were noted by the doctors the next day, she was then diagnosed with a cervical spinal epidural abscess.

The delay in diagnosis closed a window of opportunity for surgery that would likely have cured the problem with little residual effect. Our client is now left with irreversible paraplegia. The hospital claimed that the findings that were charted were not significant, and that further, that surgery would not have made a difference. This confidential settlement will provide our client with funding for medical and attendant care for her lifetime.

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Date : 30 Sep 2016

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