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Slip and Fall, Seeking Compensation?

What are your options when you are injured after a slip and fall situation? You might not know what sort of benefits you are entitled to, if any. Personal injury cases can happen to anyone at any time, and chances are that someone is liable for the injuries you sustained during your accident.

Slip and fall is a term used for personal injury cases when someone slips and falls due to dangerous or hazardous conditions on someone else’s properties. Dangerous conditions include a variety of different things such as torn carpeting, abrupt changes or unevenness in flooring, poor lighting, narrow stairs, or wet and slippery floor. This could happen indoors or outdoors, in commercial, public, or residential property, but no matter what there is always someone held responsible for keeping these areas safe to walk on.

A lot of what it means to have a personal injury claim, how to file it, and how to have the best outcome, may be very complicated to understand and could also be overwhelming to follow through with. After all, if the injuries sustained after an accident were severe enough, you might not even have enough energy to do much. This is where an experienced law firm, like Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman can come in to help and offer advice.

For example, we are aware that slip and fall accidents are the most common type of “premises liability” cases, which center on the question of an owner’s duty to care for the property. To win a premise liability claim, you would have to prove either that the owner of the property created the hazard that led to the accident or that the owner should have known about the danger to have it removed or fixed. Proving when a given hazard first appeared can be challenging. After all, if something were to fall (causing a trip hazard) merely seconds before your accident, it’s difficult to expect that the owner could have known early enough to pick it up.

Other significant causes to an injury include structural defects such as potholes, cracked sidewalks, or broken tiles, or even weather-related accidents, although these are harder cases for injured claimants. Although landowners are expected to take steps to reduce hazards created by weather, like shoveling snow, salting icy spots, or installing anti-slip devices, sometimes they don’t have reasonable opportunity to correct the problem.

No matter the case, Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman are lawyers that are committed to bringing you the justice you deserve. We will give you a free case evaluation so that you know your options. Call us right away at 561-417-5656.

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