We devote a substantial amount of our practice representing families in deaths claims. The death could be from a car, truck or motorcycle accident, a doctor or nurse’s mistake, a boating accident, a fall…you name it, we’ve probably seen it.

The way we do that is we take time to understand the family and understand your loss. We’ve represented the parents of children that have died, we’ve represented children who have lost a parent, and we’ve represented people who have lost a husband or a wife.

These losses are immense and can affect you in such profound ways.  It really takes a special kind of lawyer to understand all of that and then to be able to communicate it to an insurance company…or a jury…so that whoever is responsible for the loss is held accountable.

When we handle a death case for you, we get the right team together. That means getting the right experts involved in your case…because the insurance companies are putting their paid experts to work right away. While you’re grieving your loss, the insurance company is preparing their defense.

Learning and preparing your case often means doing things like getting an accident reconstructionist to explain how and why a crash happened. We might have a doctor look at the cause of the death. We might have an economist look at all the money issues. Each type of case needs something different.

We figure out what your case needs, and we do what needs to get done. We have handled a lot of these cases…we have the resources and the know how to do battle with the insurance companies and defense law firms that defend these claims.  A big part of what we do in these cases is not only understanding the loss…your loss… but making sure the responsible party takes responsibility. That’s what we mean when we say that we’re “committed to justice.”

So if you, or someone you care about, have had a death in the family, please call or contacts us. There is no charge at all for the consultation, and no attorney’s fees at all unless and until we have resolved your case. Call us; we look forward talking to you about your case…and getting started right away.