Which Cases Does a Wrongful Death Attorney Help With?

Wrongful death is a sensitive and delicate topic. We know that it lies close to the heart. Going through anything that possesses such weight can feel equivalent to the world on one’s shoulders. At Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman, our wrongful death attorneys in Boca Raton have the expertise and the professionalism to deal with such matters accordingly. It’s hard to know what to do when something like this happens. Wrongful death occurs when an individual’s death is caused by the negligence or wrongful behavior of another. Filing usually happens through close family members who believe that their loved one was certainly a victim. 

A Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help

Medical errors are a frequent base for many wrongful death claims. Birth injuries, threatening prescription drugs, and nursing home abuse or carelessness are a few examples. Automobile accidents are also a frequent cause of wrongful death. Fatalities caused by a vehicle could be from events such as drunk driving, defective breaks, flawed manufacturing, and defective roadways. Even food can be considered at fault, especially if that particular food had been recalled or presented in dangerous conditions.  

There are many different causes of wrongful death, and multiple damages that can be rightfully claimed in these cases.  A common damage that can be pursued would be the funeral costs, as those are unexpected financial hits than cannot only be expensive, but also heartbreaking to arrange. In the event that the loved one who passed away was the main provider for the family, damages such as financial support can also be pursued. A few others that are immensely personal would be those dealing with emotional damages.  The loss of a husband, wife, mother, father, or child is painful and that can certainly qualify as damages families can pursue.  

At Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman, we understand how difficult it can be to lose someone we care about, especially in such a troublesome way. Our wrongful death attorneys in Boca Raton are here to help make this process easier on you and less strenuous. We can never bring anyone back, but we will do our best, with respect and sensitivity, to pursue the damages that are most important to you and to your family.  

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