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Five Myths About Personal Injury Lawyers- Debunked!
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When it comes to personal injury lawyers in Deerfield Beach, knowing who you can trust can be difficult. The distrust surrounding attorneys and personal injury claims paint them as money hungry, ambulance chasers who only want to take your case to charge copious amounts of money on the backend. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Upstanding, trustworthy personal injury lawyers want to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Don’t let myths and misinformation cost you money! Here are five debunked myths about personal injury lawyers.

1: They’re Shady Con Men

Movies and television greatly misrepresent the legal process, disseminating false information that creates mistrust. Personal injury lawyers don’t falsify evidence or forge documents to manipulate the outcome of a case. Not only is this a criminal offense considered to be a form of perjury, but it may result in jail time and disbarment.

Personal injury lawyers rely on their legal knowledge and experience to build your case and present it in courts.

2: They Take Advantage of Vulnerable People

People suffering injuries caused by a car accident, slip and fall, defective products, medical negligence often find themselves in a vulnerable position. Personal injury lawyers then swoop in with promises of financial gain only to claim large portions of the resulting payout for themselves—right?

No. Not only is it illegal for personal injury lawyers in Deerfield Beach to solicit your business, but most work on a contingency fee basis. With Brotman, Nusbaum, & Ibrahim, you are our first priority. We won’t charge you unless we recover funds for you.

3: They Don’t Get You Any Extra Money

Why hire a personal injury lawyer in Deerfield Beach if you’re only going to get the minimum payout anyway?  They just want a cut they haven’t earned!

This is not true, because having an attorney represent you, in any case, boosts your chances of getting the maximum value for your claims. Even if your case doesn’t go to court, personal injury attorneys force insurance companies to give your case due consideration and provide adequate compensation.

4: You Have to Pay Them Even If You Don’t Win

No one works for free, right? Sure, Deerfield personal injury lawyers say they don’t get paid unless they win your case, but how do they make money if that’s true?

It is. By law no fees may be collected by a lawyer in an unsuccessful case, protecting you from incurring any additional debts while attempting to recover dues. When the personal injury lawyers at Brotman, Nusbaum & Ibrahim accept a case, it’s because we are confident in our ability to help you.

5:  They Won’t Take Your Case Seriously

Personal injury attorneys don’t really care about you and your case. They want to keep your case dragged out in hopes that the insurance company will just settle, even if that puts you in a tight financial spot.

There’s no benefit to a personal injury lawyer in Deerfield ignoring their clients. While complicated cases may take some time to resolve, the attorneys at Brotman, Nusbaum & Ibrahim continuously work for you. We keep you updated regarding any changes or progress including settlements out of court or the choice to go to trial.

If you’re ready to move forward with your personal injury claim, contact us today for your free consultation.

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