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Why Do I Need A Personal Injury LawyerWhen an accident happens, you always hope for the best outcome. But sometimes, serious injury can occur and land you with not only pain but numerous bills. When this is the case, you may choose to seek financial compensation from the party responsible for your accident. Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman is a leading Palm Beach personal injury lawyer firm with years of experience with Florida law. We always fight for the injured and only take a fee if we can successfully resolve your case. So why not read on to learn more about our firm and call us today for a free case evaluation?

Where we can help:

Personal Injury Law is far-reaching, encompassing many types of accidents and events. Luckily for our South Florida clients, we have vast professional knowledge and experience in all kinds of personal injury cases. Here are some of the areas in which we can help:

  • Negligence

There are common-sense steps we are expected to take in our lives and jobs to ensure that things run smoothly and no one is put in harm’s way. If someone fails to do these things, either on accident or oversight, and injury occurs a negligence lawsuit may occur. 


  • Accidents

South Florida is home to many thrill-seekers with a penchant for fast cars, boats, and recreational vehicles. On top of this, we have all of the normal commuter cars, trucks, bikes, and motorcycles that people use for day to day transport. While we all try our very best to be responsible drivers and pedestrians, accidents do occur. We are some of the top auto accident lawyers in the state with millions won for our clients. 


  • Product Liability

When products are marketed and sold, it is expected that they operate as advertised and within reasonable safety guidelines. When this does not occur, the product can cause serious damage to either your home or your person. 


  • Intentional and Toxic Torts

A tort is a civil case resulting from the negligence of another party. Some more common intentional torts include battery, assault, defamation, and trespassing. Toxic torts occur when injury or illness results due to wrongful exposure to a toxic chemical such as lead or pesticides. 


  • Catastrophic Injury

Each system in our body is important, but our nervous system plays an especially important role in the ways we perceive and interact with the world. Spinal cord and brain injuries are classified as catastrophic injuries and can qualify you for significant financial compensation. 


  • Medical Malpractice

Our country’s doctors take an oath to do no harm and uphold the law. Unfortunately, not every single physician takes this oath to heat. If you believe you have been the victim of a negligent or malicious medical practice, we can help you establish fault and receive the help you deserve. 


  • Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit is brought forward by the family of a deceased person. If it can be credibly proven that the death was the result of the negligence or oversight of another, you may be able to receive compensation for cost and trauma incurred. 


  • Slip and Fall 

Slip and fall incidents are one of the most numerous instances of personal injury cases. It is important to note that not every fall on another person’s property will qualify, as you have to establish beyond a doubt that the opposite party was responsible for your accident, not simply your own clumsiness. 


If any of the above sounds similar to a circumstance you have found yourself in, please do not hesitate to reach out to the experienced team at Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman. 

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Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

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